The company has been marketing high quality products which serves as the main aspect for customer service.

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The company has been continuously showing excellent results. It develops a wide customer base throughout the country.


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Our Team consists of Research Scientists, Marketing superiors, Agricultural graduates and well trained field staffs for the development of quality agricultural products.


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We develop several agro products using new technologies to safeguard our environment.The focus is on farming commUNiTy helping water conservation and nutrient preservation leading to a green world.

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  • Greetings

    Wishes and congrats from Sathyam Bio (P) Ltd., to you who are interested in joining hands with the fast growing natural agriculture department.

    Sathyam Bio is supplying Bio-fertilizers in order to meet the rising demands of agricultural products from the available and depleting farm lands. Our Sathyam bio (P) Ltd., launched the highly latest bio technology products of Shakthi Organic Manure. This manure is easily dissolved in water and quickly reaches the plants and the plants had a good growth with immUNiTy power. And also reduces the need for herbicides, pesticide.

    Come let's create a hygienic earth with full of non toxic foods and a green India.............

    Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

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India is an ancient agricultural nation and also well-developed in this sphere. However, at present farmers are facing shortage of labourers, toxic side effects of chemical fertilisers and drought. Now a day, the quality and quantity of agricultural produce are rather poor, while the cultivable land is becoming increasingly toxic.

Since 2004, Sathyam bio (P) Ltd., an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company, has launched new range of eco-friendly bio fertilisers with Indian organic input, under NPOP certification. Our R & D team contributes free guidance and technical assistance to farming commUNiTy, so that, they achieve good yield with very low expenditure.


Green revolution

Sathyam Bio Pvt.Ltd. is proud of contributing to 'Green India' through organic bio fertilisers. Everyone has a moral responsibility to save our national wealth of fertile lands; we understand its implications fully well.

The improper usage of chemical fertilizer is mostly polluted the Soil, Water, and Environment. And the remaining chemical toxicity affected on crops and yields. The conflation of chemical foods is only reason for human as well as animals illness caused by infection.

Earth Warming Conspiracy conflation of the chemical in the soil.

Our Primary Responsibility

Learn the benefits of all natural way of farming, nature and quality of agricultural yields is multiply and replace agriculture as a profitable business, So we understand that our primary responsibility to lead the Pledge, accept it.


Now the usage of chemical fertilizer is decrease and the usage bio fertilizer will be in top.


Economical Revolution

Now a day the natural fertilizers usage is increasing throughout the world. Particularly, in India, Tamil Nadu the state government announces the best suggestions given to our farmers for the benefits of the nature fertilizer. And it is improved and a good number of agricultural products, and the best soil condition. In past 5 years of Agricultural statistics informed for the user of the natural fertilizer is increase in Tamilnadu.

But, our formers facing the problems like, the bio-fertilizers are very hard to reach because of shortage, unqualified of natural fertilizers, huge investment of purchasing and Wages, Shortage of Labours. And absentees of income groups at the agriculture.

So, Sathyam Bio (P) Ltd. Gathering the all problems of formers and give the good solutions for them, Best and right manure, lowest cost, easy application method, quickly spreading on water and reached to the plants, No need of additional manpower direct service to the formers end, All contents of Nutrients for Soil and Plants, remove the soil toxicity, increase the Yield and also give the additional income source for this agricultural segment.

Now proudly announces an unique business offer for those, willing to serve the direct to our agricultural sector in India. The business opportUNiTy will be provided to the educated, talented, intelligent and capable people in the selected area of 'Agricultural economy revolution scheme'. The beneficiary of this scheme is not only the person's family, but also, agricultural commUNiTy as a whole!

Already, we have completed the field survey in all taluk and village-level . The decision is to appoint direct sales agents across entire Tamil Nadu state. The scheme will work in rural areas through interested and energetic people. We will make this opportUNiTy known public, by advertising in newspapers and circulars.

Our Products


  • For the past eight years have been using the SHAKTHI Organic Manures for coconut trees. Withstands drought, always prevents utirvatai. Ollikkay corikkayinai controller makes signing. It is very easy to use.!

    Smt.D.ChandraKala, Udumalaipet
    Thiruppur District
    +91 9865477155
  • I am using the SHAKTHI Organic Manures through drip irrigation for crop plant. Where the flow is good. Green is the largest and better than ever as plant leaves. I can see the good growth of the plant.!

    Thiru. C.Mahalingham, Thirumurthy Nagar
    Udumalaipet, Thiruppur District
    +91 9344409000
  • I feel a SHAKTHI Organic Manures, turmeric, banana, sugarcane, and, using coconut crops. Good yields and soil fertility have. Therefore, I really proud to recommends others to use and get good profit.!

    Thiru. S.Thillai Natarajan, Kurumandur medu
    Gobi, Erode District
    +91 9488559120
  • For the past 6 years I have SHAKTHI Organic Manures using for crops Beetroot and Avarai. Beetroot is a good size and well developed, stem, leaf green and grows well. Forty day soaked potatoes well, despite the lack of irrigation will yield up to 17 tonnes. Protects bricks. Expenditure of fertilizer greatly reduced. The flowers and vegetables more available for avarai crop. There is no disease, so not affect all farmers can use.!

    Thiru. K.Selvarajan, Thottampatti
    Madathukulam, Thiruppur District
    +91 9965497640
  • I have been using the SHAKTHI Organic Manures for crops turmeric. It is very easy to use, the crop is good. I'll be using it. I know I'll recommend it to others.!

    Thiru K.Periyasamy, Karukkampalayam
    Kodumudi, Erode District
    +91 9942849438
  • I have been using SHAKTHI Organic Manures for crops like banana. Use is very satisfactory, kathali banana was still only ten kilograms. After using it for up to 13 kg!

    Thiru. K.Ganesan, Karukkampalayam
    Jambai, Erode District
    +91 9865527777